Recruit the highest level talents in the world~A report on MIT Asian Career Fair~

Good day! This is Glosai🦏

 Today I would like to share my experience with you about MIT Asian Career Fair which is a job fair held in MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), basically focus on matching MIT Asian students with global employers.


1. What is MIT Asian Career Fair? 

 MIT Asian Career Fair(MIT Asian Career Fair will be named as MIT ACF for short in this article.) is an MIT official recruiting event in spring that aims at establishing interactive and efficient conversations between Asian based employers and young talents in the US. MIT ACF is also a platform to connect leaders in a wide range of industries and students in Northeastern area.

 MIT ACF was held on 30th Mar. 2019 at MIT campus . 503 students came to the event, and there were 634 students in the database. 20 companies came to the event, while 9 companies attended online. I will share more details about the candidates in next part.

2. The demographic data of the candidates


 53%(267 out of 503) of the candidates attend the event in 2019 would graduate within 2019, and 29%(146) of their grad year was 2020. The rest 18%(93) would graduate in further future. This means half of the attendees will graduate in the event year.


 Students from Boston University covered the most of the attendees, and the percentage is 21%(116). Second is Northeastern University and MIT which covered 12%(68). Harvard covered 8%(41). Half of the coming candidates were from those 4 universities.


 About the majors, about 26%(131) was finance and economy major. Computer science and IT technology covered 19%(98), management 15%(75), Statistics 12%(58), Computer engineering 10%(48). Those 5 majors covered most of the candidates.

3. The employers who attended the event

 Most of the employers are from China or Greater China. Because most of the job seekers are from China, most of the companies which want to hire them may come from or base in China too. Such as BOE and Tencent. Though the figure is smaller, there are also some local companies such as Amazon, GE Healthcare.



Part of the companies came to the event in 2019

4. The potential of Japanese employers to hire MIT graduates


 Compare to those Chinese employers, their counterparts in Japan barely attended this event in the last few years. Why this happened ? There is almost no one can speak Japanese. Therefore, those who want to hire Japanese speaker are not going to find this event attractive. However, as long as the employers can utilize English or Chinese speakers, they can access to the best community of talents. IT companies may find their next cutting age leader through this event. Trading company may find their ideal employee for their foreign branch.


 When it comes to hiring talents from MIT or Ivy league, Japanese employers always lose their confidence and be possessed by the a prototypical idea that those super smart students may pursue higher or better paid career rather than working for so-called traditional Japanese companies. 


 However, the reality is that these students likely have more opportunities in China or their home countries, but not in America. Unless the student has special ability which is so popular with the local employers that they are willing to solve the working visa problem for them, otherwise they need to find a job in another country. There is the chance for Japanese firms to build their image and approach the candidates. Moreover, Japanese companies have their advantage and they just need to dig it up.

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